Tips for Fishing Trips in Cabo

Summertime is the best time to fish in the waters of Cabo. If you are a first time visitor, you will see that large competitions are held every year. If you are traveling to this place for fishing with your friends or family, you will enjoy the tournament even if you do not take part in the competition.


You can hire a boat and spend a day amid the sea. You can try your hands at fishing and you will surely be lucky to catch some fishes. You will get boats to catch and keep and catch and release. You just have to choose the one you want. Let’s get to know more about this special fishing trip.


Best time to visit Cabo for fishing


As summertime is the best for fishing trips in cabo san lucas mexico but you can visit this place any time of the year you want. Different seasons change the fish type but you won’t ever go without a catch. In May and June, you will get sailfish and billfish at this time of the year. If you are lucky you might catch a swordfish as well. In July and August, you can catch some popular fishes of Cabo, like Yellowfin, Dorado. You will get a good amount of Striped marlin, red snapper, and so on.


In the months of September and October, you will get black and blue marlin fishes and Dorado. In November and December, you will get other options such as shark, mackerel, Yellowfin, Tuna, and Dorado. This is the best time for a family visit. Although the weather turns cooler in December you won’t regret the fishing trip. You can catch striped marlins, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and Dorado. In the case of January and February, you will get a variety of fishes. The same goes for March and April.


Look at the cost


Before you start with the fishing trip, you have to book a boat beforehand. There are several fishing boats in Cabo, and you have to go for the standard price. You have to make sure you are not overpaying for the services. This is the reason you should choose a reputed company.


Board dining options


If you are willing to have your lunch on board, you must check the same before you book the fishing trip. You have to search if the boats are offering snacks and lunch on the boat. This is much convenient than packing your food on board.


Experience of the tour agency


For the fishing trips in cabo san lucas mexico you have to check if the tour agency is experienced. It’s better to have this trip with the experts than the novices. You have to check the reviews and reputation of the company before you hire them.


Best guides


A fishing trip in Cabo requires the guidance of a tour guide. They will know the condition of the weather and the water as well. They can guide you to the best area for fishing. An expert guide will give you tips on the fishing trip.


Choose the best boat for the fishing trip and you will be able to enjoy the entire day without any hassle. Make sure to go with a reputed company only.


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