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What Are the Women’s Golf Dress Codes?

Women’s golf fashion has progressed. As a reminder of the dark times of women’s golf gear, any woman golfer can recall bad golf shirts or ugly Sweat pants. The growth of the sector has given women the opportunity to not only feel good while golfing but also to express themselves and check out fashionable ladies golf clothes on the course. Aside from that, a slew of brands are producing women’s golf attire. Here are some facts you must remember before going to a golf course.

What Are the Women’s Golf Dress Codes?

The rules of each golf course differ, and several, though not all, require dress codes that must be followed. If you don’t dress correctly, the golf course may send you away when you make an appearance in a bikini top or skinny jeans to play golf. Usually, costly golf courses with a greater level of luxury have a tougher guideline on whatever you may wear. Some clubs will not allow you to wear shorts! Many ladies still feel that suitable golf gear for women should comprise of khaki pants that fall below the knees and a polo shirt. It is time to say goodbye to that out-of-date notion and welcome to a new method for ladies to wear fashionable ladies golf clothes.

Golf clothing for ladies should be comfy, stylish, and well-fitted. Many golf courses, however, have guidelines about correct golf wear for women. Going on a city golf course is the best option unless you’re a beginner player on a budget. They are often unconcerned as to what you dress, and most have no golf attire regulations at all.

Top Tips for Women’s Golf Clothing

It all depends on where you’re practicing at the golf club. Here’s a rough concept of what constitutes good golf gear for women. If you’re still unsure about what constitutes a proper golf wardrobe, you should contact the country club where you intend to play. This serves two purposes: it ensures that you do not drive to the area just to be turned away, and it demonstrates that you care about and abide by their rules.


Polo-style shirts, turtlenecks, and crew-neck tees are the usual regulations for women’s golf shirts on country clubs. Tank tops, strapless tops, and such styles are not permitted.

If you prefer the traditional look, polo shirts and khaki pants are acceptable. However, if you’re searching for something a little trendier, have a look at the products on the net.


The appropriate bottoms are a must-have for any woman’s golf outfit. Women can wear slacks or skorts.

Bottoms like jeans, joggers, and sports trousers are prohibited by golf course attire restrictions. There are lots of entertaining bottom choices for every lady, whether that’s capris, crop trousers, or skorts.

If you opt to choose shorts, keep in mind that many golf clubs prefer them to touch the knees. It’s especially difficult for us girls since we’re supposed to obey golf fashion guidelines that should be reviewed and updated in certain aspects. But, there are so many golf skirts for women available to choose from.

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Why Women Golfers Prefer Golf Polo Shirts

When we talk about women’s golf dresses, there is no doubt that things have changed quite a bit over the past many decades and years. From being highly conventional and perhaps even uncomfortable, the dresses that women used to wear around five or six decades ago, perhaps prevented them from exhibiting their best skills on the golf ground. However, things have indeed changed quite a bit over the past few decades. New dresses that are more comfortable and more fashionable and contemporary are now being worn by women golfers. One such dress is the famous and highly popular womens golf polo shirt.


It has a reasonably old history


Golf polo shirts are a combination of comfort and casual wear and apart from the sport, they are also used by thousands of men and women for various formal and informal purposes. Modern day golf polo shirts had their origin as tennis shirts way back in 1929. It was first worn by the famous French tennis champion Rene Lacoste. He wore it as a casual dress. It came with a buttoned placket and was short-sleeved with a pique knit collar. Today, not only Lacoste is a famous brand, but golf polo shirts that were previously the domain of the men golfers are today being used by almost every women golfer, big or small, famous or not-so-famous.


Reasons for its popularity


There are obviously a number of reasons for its growing popularity. Women in particular love golf polo shirts because of a few facts. They are thick enough for being worn in public places and professional circuits. At the same time, these golf dresses are also light enough to make the woman’s golfers feel comfortable during the summer season. They also come in different colors, shapes and sizes and they are contemporary and stylish. They also add that much-needed touch of professionalism. However, it would be even better, if as a woman, you are aware of a few basic things to bear in mind when buying these for the golf circuit.


To begin with make sure that the color and design that you are planning to choose is approved by the golf club and association in particular. This is because many of these golf clubs and associations have strict dress codes and both men and women have to abide by the same. Apart from these basic requirements, here are a few more things to bear in mind while choosing a golf polo shirt for women.


Collar – Always look for a collar that comes with a structured design. It should be crisp to touch without being too tough and hard. This will make sure that you are able to pull the collar up and offer that much-needed protection to the back of the neck from sun.


Length of the sleeves – There are many golf clubs that allow women to wear golf polo shirts with long sized sleeves. However, make sure that the length is perfect. It is too long, it could prevent you from moving your arms and hands freely. At the same time, the length should be long enough to offer the best possible protection from sun and heat especially during peak summer.




To sum up, there is no doubt that choosing the right golf polo shirt could offer a perfect combination of looks, professionalism and comfort for women who aspire to do well in their golf matches and tournaments.


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