It’ s a while that I am not updating my blog.

I felt like underwater, I was enjoying my bubble!

As some of you knows at the start of october I got a little injury, I was training in Stelvio and I crashed, stretched my calf, 20 days without skiing, some rehab then I was went on snow, at first it was hurting, but then it got better, I still can feel it but it’s almost over!

My goal was to race in Solden, thing that I did, but it was kind of a challenge for me, with just 3/4 days training in my legs was pretty tough, maybe I was not ready for it, maybe I did a mistake, but I wanted to put myself in the game, I was calm and I didn’t expect anything but of course at the end of the day I was disappointed, I know what it didn’t work, and I am gonna be another person at the next race, I am gonna BELIEVE IT, I am gonna TRUST myself!

Here some pictures from Solden!

my sister ended up 8th, proud of her!

During the presentation of the Milka ski stars in Solden we had the chance to show everybody what we did in Zurich, a photoshooting, not with a random photographer… with BRYAN ADAMS!!! For me it was a great experience, I never did something like this before, hair, makeup, manicure… what can a girl wish more?!?

It’s always the right time to learn something, life is tough, when I have a little pain somewhere I have to remember that is NOTHING, I have to remember I am LUCKY… the white world, ski world lost one of his racers, Björn Sieber died in a car accident, 23 years old… he left this wonderful world too soon…