The Best Roofing Available For Your Home

The Asphalt shingle roofing material has been a popular choice among homeowners due to its easy availability and affordability. Good roofing materials in terms of durability include clay and slate tiles. However, these roofing materials can be more expensive when compared to options including wood or metal. Nowadays we also have functional roofing materials available including solar shingles that are the most expensive but provide better returns. Below are some of the best options available to you when you are looking for a roofing material for your home for a new installation or a replacement.

Fiberglass/Asphalt/Composite Shingles

The composite asphalt and the fiberglass shingles can be found commonly due to their durability, easy installation, and better affordability. The cost of the asphalt shingles may be as low as $ 1.50/foot square. On average, the asphalt shingle roofing installation costs about $ 8000. An asphalt shingle roof can last easily up to 30 years or even more. The material is recyclable. There are also certain mixes available including mineral, asphalt, and fiberglass composites. The composition brings many different colors to the shingles. However, the asphalt shingles are likely to lose their color because of prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays over a period.


Metal as a roofing material has been used since the 1800s and is still a choice for many people. Roofing materials made of zinc aluminum and other metals have low maintenance and can be transported easily. Metal roofing also looks good even after a prolonged period and may last up to 70 to 80 years. The lowest cost of metal roofing is $ 6/foot square and may go up to $ 15. Both sheet and shingle varieties are available. A sealant is also applied to the metal roof, which may enhance its looks and longevity. The roofs are recyclable and can be used in a variety of industries.


Some home designs including the Tudor style, craftsman, and the Cape Cord homes and cottages pair the best with the wooden roofs. These roofs may turn to show silver and sandy brown colors as they age. A wooden roof can last easily up to 50 years or even more. However other treatments and additions may be required when the roof is installed in a home and region prone to fire (for instance California). Some of the common woods used for making wooden rooms include pine, redwood, and cedar among others. These woods can naturally repel the insects. Cedar roofs may cost around $ 5 / feet square.


Clay is one of the oldest OK roofing materials and today costs around $ 10 / foot square. These roofs are more expensive for their repair and installation but are much long-lasting. Clay roofs are fire resistant.


Slate roofs may have an average cost of $ 14 /foot square and may last more than 150 years. These roofs can not only resist fire but also extreme temperatures and high winds. The roofing material is highly affordable and has the least maintenance as well. There are multiple color options for the slate roofs. Roofing companies in OKC.

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are the most modern and latest roofing materials that have photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. A good quality solar shingle roof may last easily up to 30 years and keep on producing electricity as well during the period. The cost of solar shingles is somewhere around $ 23/foot square. Apart from being a constant source of energy these roofs also have immense resale value.


There are many different roofing materials available nowadays. Solar roofing may be the future but its costs are high presently. You can make a good choice by researching more on the options given below or can consult the leading Oklahoma roofing company for professional and expert advice.

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