I am Elena Curtoni, the first time i saw the light was 1991, 3rd
February, it was a cold and snowing day, that means a lot of things!
I’m italian, and i live in a little valley called Valtellina up in the
North-centre, close to Switzerland.
I am a skier, an artist and of course a normal girl who likes shopping!
I like smiles, paints, pictures, music, sunny days, snow flakes,
clothes, shoes, mornings, brunchs and the sea!
I had my first toy skiis when i was 2 years old, felt in love after
the first second, i still do and love it! Skiing is my favourite game,
but there is another thing extremely important to me: paint.  Is my
other passion, sometimes i betray my skiis with a pencil and a paper!
I can see me in the future, after a successful ski career, doing huge
paints in my atelier, traveling around the World not for find the
white and cold thing, but for improve my art side, meeting people and
take a million of pictures with my Polaroid!

See you soon!