Let’s move on

 Some of you already know that I use to spend my summers in Les 2 Alpes since I was born, so after the Spring a lot of packing is on and me and my family are ready to move there, summer base, HOME!

One of the positive things to live there is that the training conditions are perfect, not to warm, altitude and many opportunities: ski, tennis, swimming pool, awesome hikes, climb walls, downhill etc..  I could describe this place just saying that is a playground for grown people!

Here some pictures

I also had the chance to fly to Sweden and visit my boy!

and then he came to Les 2 Alpes exactly when the Tour the France was passing not to far, we went to watch!

Between these 2 wonderful weeks something bad happen to my brother, Davide, he crashed during a GS training and had a strange injury, surgery and a lot of pain.. He is one of my examples (the other one is my sister!), one of my idols, one of those people that i try to look, kind of copy, he is teaching me a lot of things, even if sometimes he is not even talking … the bad thing in all this is that lately he is a little bit unlucky, I wish I could be at his place more times, to give him less problems and pains, but he is strong, going back on his feet every time, stronger than ever (if it’s possible..) I admir my borther and my sister, thank you guys to help me beeing stronger!

Another person who I wish good luck to is my Milka teammate Sarka, I wish her a good recovery and all the best!

I will keep you posted from now on,