Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Biogas – Know Issues Related to H2S

In biogas there is the presence of hydrogen sulfide is there. As hydrogen sulfide is poisonous, corrosive, and flammable its removal is very important otherwise it might be dangerous. H2S is the formula of this chemical component. This gas is not good for the environment and causes a lot of issues when found in the air. Moreover, it smells is very bad and is similar to a rotten egg smell. Its existence can be known by the smell itself. If you talk about its color it does not have any color. Based on numerous factors the concentration might vary.


Reasons for removal of hydrogen sulfide


There are several reasons because of which its removal from biogas is very important. It is a highly toxic gas and not good for health at all. Its smell is unbearable and it also irritates your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs and might cause severe damage to it. Sometimes it might be so dangerous that the entire breathing of the person might come to a halt if it is inhaled. Due to issues in breathing it might lead to the death of the person. However, if timely treatment in form of first aid is given on time might save the life of the person.


Process of removing it


Many techniques are adopted to remove this highly dangerous gas. When this gas is burnt it causes sulfur emissions in the air which is dangerous. It is thus very important to remove this harmful gas completely if it has to be used in combustion engines, turbines, and fuel cells. There might be a busting of types of equipment or damage might be caused to the types of equipment if it is not removed. So, for overall safety, it is a must to remove it.


Methods that can be used to remove it are as below:


  • Activated carbon
  • Water scrubbing
  • Iron sponge
  • Iron oxide pellets
  • NaOH scrubbing


Any of these methods can be used to effectively remove H2S from biogas. Try to compare these methods and see which one you will like to use. Keep in mind numerous factors such as adsorption capacity, labor requirements, cost of transportation of waste, vacuum required for emptying the filters.


Select the Right Company


You will come across many companies that are doing work of removing hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas. Take your time and try to look for a company that has at least five years of experience. Try to figure this on your own and select a reliable company to get this removal done systematically.


Worker and Employer – Responsibility


Proper training should be imparted to the workers and supervisors by the employee. This training needs to cover all the important things related to the fieldwork. The employer can keep another training section in case required. Moreover, it also becomes the responsibility of every worker to work keeping the guidelines and instructions in mind. Any worker, not following norms might be putting himself in danger and might risk his life. It is only after all the precautions are taken that work can be started.

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