Difference Between Dentist & Orthodontist

There is no doubt that we often try to look at dentists and orthodontists from the same perspective. Yes, it is clear that both dentists and orthodontists play a big role in improving overall oral health but they do in different ways. Hence, if you are planning to visit an orthodontist then you must know that apart from many similarities there are quite a few things that are different as far as these professionals are concerned. This will help you to make the right choice of orthodontists in Edmond OK and surrounding areas. We need to understand that when we talk about dentistry, we are referring to something that is quite broad-based in nature. It deals with gum, nerves, teeth, and jaw. On the other hand, orthodontics is a specialty that falls with the overall umbrella or dentistry. This area of dentistry focuses mostly on correcting problems like occlusion, bites, and also straightness of tooth or teeth. However, there is no doubt that all good orthodontists are good dentists. However, all dentists may or may not be licensed orthodontists.

What are the Similarities?

There is the main similarity between an orthodontist and dentist. Both of them focus on oral care. Any quality orthodontist can easily work in a dental office and provide all the care and do all the duties of a dentist. Therefore, to this extent, they are both similar. Both are considered to be doctors and both of them deal with gums and teeth related problems.

What Makes Them Different?

However, there are more differences than similarities. When we refer to an orthodontist, we refer to somebody who requires additional schooling in the area of dental specialty. It is perhaps similar to a doctor who does additional schooling and becomes a surgeon or a heart specialist and so on. Further, orthodontists are also known to have a specialty in assisting patients when it comes to teeth alignment, improving bites, and fitting them with the help of devices such as dental braces, bridges, and wires. If a patient suffers from an overbite, it is quite obvious that a dentist would refer him or her to a good orthodontist.

What Services Dentists Provide

When we talk about dentists we should have a look at the services that they provide. These include root canal treatment, tooth decay, crowns, gum disease, teeth whitening, veneers, bridges, and other such treatments. In fact, all these treatments can also be done by an orthodontist. On the other hand, orthodontists are specialists in the alignment of teeth, and they also provide various other services. These relate to crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, teeth that are misaligned, veneers, bridges and so on.

Why Choosing An Orthodontist Is Better

A dentist may be good enough to provide different types of orthodontist problems. However, people trust orthodontists specific problems related to teeth alignment, veneers, and other such services because they have more experience and perhaps are also qualified to do it.


To put it in a nutshell, when there is a problem, related to the alignment of teeth, overbite or underbite it would be better to go in for an orthodontist rather than choosing a dentist. Dentists are better suited for routine problems of the teeth and gums.

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