5 Steps to Build a Reputation Management Action Plan

Reputation management can be defined as a process that controls and improves how your brand is perceived by potential and existing customers. As it is becoming more and more difficult to protect one’s own image online, the need for reputation management has become important. With such a service you can let experts worry about this for you. However, ideally you should take care of your brand’s reputation. Thus, this guide will show you how to make a 5-step action plan that can work wonders for your online reputation. So, without further ado:

Step1: Monitoring your reputation

Without proper monitoring you won’t be able to do much. Thus, this step is the most important one when it comes to deriving reputation management action plan. You have to monitor what customers/visitors are saying about you and then your respond. If you are a tourist attraction, bar or restaurant then you have to monitor review sites. For physical location, people tend to post reviews on social media and sites like Yelp or Google. Similarly, if you sell physical products then you need to keep an eye on online retailers. Customers checks internet reviews before making a purchase. In fact, nowadays around 70% of shoppers consult reviews before buying. You need to track review sites for this reason and make sure that no one is posting anything bad about your brand.

Step2: Come up with a response plan

What if someone is posting bad things about your brand? For this reason, you need to focus on this second step. You need to follow the best practices for responding to a comment. But first you need to think about how you will go about doing so. Plan out who will be monitoring for reviews and comments. You need to decide whether any new comment requires your proper response. You need to figure out a plan of action that your company is going to take in case of potential questions or issues. Have someone who would deliver the response.

Step3: Handling negative comments professionally

In business when your reputation is at stake you just cannot ignore bad comments. The comments are public and will stay online forever. You can clear the air by responding. With the right response you can win back an unhappy customer. Thus, when responding you need to be friendly, polite and professional. You need to keep a level head and try your best to get to the heart of the issue. Have a human-touch to the response so that your unhappy customers can relate better. This will give you the opportunity to build rapport with your customers which will help your brand in the future.

Step4: Focus on the positives

It is fruitful to respond to good comments as well. The positive posts can definitely improve your online reputation. With such type of reputation management, in a way you are providing rewards to customers for saying nice things and this will encourage others to do the same.

Step5: Measuring your result

The final step is all about making the changes that you have committed to yourself or to your customers. Suppose you have offered a discount to an unhappy customer. He or she should receive the discount so that they change their mind. You need to follow through what you promised. This will help the unhappy customer to become satisfied with your brand. If you do so, then other customers will see that you have worked on the problem and did not lied to the customer who wrote the bad review. You need to measure your progress to stay at the top of your game.

So, these were the 5-step reputation management action plan. Take the necessary help to ensure you have a fool-proof one.

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