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A Discussion about Point of Entry Filtration System

If you’re looking for a water filtration system that is efficient enough to remove the particulate and the solid matter from your water, then ultrafiltration systems are the ones to go to. The microscopic particulate matter is removed properly. So, what’s the process of ultrafiltration?

A process that uses a sheet or a hollow fiber to filtrate water. The benefit of this kind of filtration is that it filters even the smallest particulate matter. It can filter particulate matter up to 0.025 microns. This is equal to the strand of a human hair diameter which is about 80 microns. Ultrafiltration systems work at a minute level. This removes all the solids out of water.


Are ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis any different?


Ultrafiltration can remove the solid particles in the water but it is something not capable of filtering the dissolved particles. It can filter particles better than a carbon filter.


What’s the process of ultrafiltration?


There’s no wide difference between ultrafiltration and other water filtration systems. They all work in a similar fashion other than the fact that ultrafiltration filters anything larger than a size of 0.025 microns.


The ultrafiltration systems come in two kinds:


  1. Point-of-use systems
  2. Point-of-entry systems


Although both the systems function similarly, it is the membrane installation that makes a difference. The point-of-use system uses different faucets for different purposes. Some of them may not require water to wash dishes or drinking water to be ultrafiltered. In this case, they simply opt for point-of-use systems.


Point-of-entry systems on the other hand filter every drop of water entering it. This simply means the water that you get on any tap in your house is ultrafiltered. In this case, you can simply relax about the purity of the water. It certainly is of higher quality and you can hold your head high on this.


What’s so special about the point-of-entry water filtration?


Point of entry ultrafiltration system in your house means that you don’t need to install another water filter. There’s practically no need to install filters at every point to get pure water. This may be true only in the case of point-of-use filters. Point-of-entry systems filter the water when they enter the filtration system. The best thing- you can simply stay assured of the water you are drinking or using. The point-of-entry water systems are connected straight to the tap lines. This acts as a centralized filtration system for the entire house. Point-of-entry water systems are the best choice when you have a home with multiple water dispensing points. This allows you to stay at peace each time you intend to turn on the faucet.


This also makes sure that you don’t contract any water-related ailments and this simply means lesser sick leave to work and more pay! The point-of-entry ultrafiltration system may be a little expensive or a task at the time of installation. However, we can vouch for the advantages and this outweighs all other simple difficulties. So, purchase your point of entry water system now!

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POU filter: Get High-Quality Water Through it

Everyone knows the importance of water. It is a very important source and is required for various daily activities. Bottled water is surely the best option but not everyone will be able to afford it on daily basis for drinking purposes. Moreover, bottled water will also add to the waste. You will have to sell the bottle regularly otherwise a lot of bottles will get collected. People who care for the environment will never want to choose it until necessity arises.


Now let us see how this problem related to water can be solved. The answer is obviously POU filter. With the help of this filter, you will be able to get safe water for drinking. POU stands for point of use. In it, the entire filtration happens at the point of use. The POU can be a tap, shower, or faucet. The thing that is vital is that you need to choose the company that is trustworthy and reliable when it comes to the POU filter.


Benefits of POU Filter


It is adopted by many people as there are numerous benefits of it. Understand its benefits and also make others aware of it.


Below are some of the benefits of it:


  • It is a convenient method.
  • It is also economical.
  • Helps in improving the quality of water.
  • Dirt is removed by using it. Other harmful sediments are also removed.
  • By using it there is no use of bottled water and thus helps in decreasing waste to a larger extent.
  • Good for cooking and drinking.
  • Easy to use as it is portable. You can easily carry it anywhere.
  • Removes unpleasant odor from water.


By installing it you are doing the best you can for the health of all your family members. It can be installed in your office as well as at home. This sort of arrangement in the office will also ensure that your employees get to drink safe water.


Do a market search for a trustworthy company


You will come across many companies that are dealing in this work. So, it is better that you take your own time and find the company that has been doing this work for a few years. Prefer the company that has been manufacturing, selling, and installing it for at least three to four years.


Some companies apart from selling also do installation work for you. To be on the safer side it is better that you select a company that sells and does installation work. There are a few people who can do installation work on their own as well. But if it is your first time you should not take the risk. Observe the expert doing it and after you gain the confidence you can do it on your own next time if any problem arises.


If you get this installation done you will not have to worry about your health. So, one can say that this is one investment that is worth it. But do not forget to go through a few reviews before finalizing any company and check for certification as well.


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