I have a dream

Everybody has a dream, everybody wishes that someday it will be possible to reach it, everybody works hard to make it become reality.

Maybe it’s just me: a 22 year old girl. I cannot define myself a woman yet. I have so many things to do, I have so many things to learn, I would like to change the world. I will never stop learning, and I will never stop dreaming!

wonder woman

Nobody is a super hero, it would be fun to have a special power, be able to fly, free in the sky, watch everything and everyone from above, even watch ourselves from another prospective. Like birds.

But today I choose to be an animal, I choose to be a LION, regal, powerful. He is how I would like to be, he is what I need to become.


Winter is almost here and the first race is done. I am not happy with the result. Although I felt ready, I was not playing my chance in the best way I could. I will act differently next time. I will act like a lion does when it comes to get food, when he is hungry, because I am hungry. I am working hard and trying my best to make my dreams a reality.

I’m dreaming about skiing and I feel like how I do when I paint, like a pianist when he plays his instrument, like a bird in the sky, I want to feel like an autumn leaf falling from a tree, free and light. I am dreaming.

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