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How To Select The Right Water Filter For Your Home

No doubt selecting the right water filters for your home is vital. It ensures that your home becomes a healthier place and you, your spouse and children can lead a disease-free and happy life. However, if you move in the market you will come across many different types of water filters. This makes the job of selecting the right water filter quite difficult. Unless you have the right information and knowledge you could end up selecting the wrong model. Water filters cost big money and therefore you must be sure that you get value for money. We are hopeful that the information that is provided will help you in making the right choice based on facts and figures instead of going by opinions and hearsays

Do You Want Whole House Drinking Water Filtration?

There are two different types of water filtration systems and they are POU and POE. POU stands for Point of Use and POE is Point of Entry. POE ensures that the water entering your home is fully filtered and pure. On the other hand, POU filters are installed at the point where the water is used. It could be in the kitchen, water, and other such places where you use water for various purposes. If you have many water supply sources within the house it would be better to go in for POE water filtration systems. On the other hand, if you have only two or three POU slots in your homes, then you could go in for filters that cater to such POU slots. The decision is entirely yours and you can take into account your budget, your requirements, family size, and other aspects before deciding as to which is the best.

How Safe Is Your Ground Water?

While water coming to homes through public distribution systems are generally safe, the same may not be the case with groundwater. It could be impure and could have many harmful minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and microorganisms. It is, therefore, important for you to keep in mind the level of contamination in the groundwater. A simple test that is done by experts will help you to find out whether the water source is pure or unfit for drinking. In most cases, city ground and well water is not fit for drinking and therefore installing a POU or Point of entry ultrafiltration is becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

Number of People in The Household

Water filtration systems come in different sizes and capacities. They take into account the filtering capacity on an hourly basis. Therefore you have to select the right water filtering systems taking into account the size of the family. You may not be able to do it on your own and will have to take the help of professionals to do the job for you.

Types of Contaminants

Water has different types of contaminants and therefore you must be sure that you choose a water filtration system that takes into account these contaminants. It must be able to filter the same as best as possible.

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